Shift your cannabis company in the next gear

With one of the plant-friendly strategies of Marketing Shift

How making your brand visible changes everything

Building an awesome brand will not only build more long-term relations, it also makes you stand out from competition. 

  • Increase life-time value and earn more per customer
  • Maintain relationships so that customers talk about you with friends and family
  • By standing out, you leave a better impression so that people recommend you more quickly. People recognize your brand quicker, they will act quicker and buy more!

We are all about focussing on customers that stay with you for life. By doing this right, you get reliable sales and organic growth.

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How can we help

Every company has a unique story and its own way of working. We work in a flexible structure to create the strongest brand possible. We map out your unique story, along with the interests of existing and new customers. Then we create a plan that is continuously tuned by customer feedback. This way we get increasingly better and more successful campaigns.

With the use of video, design and active outreach we get your brand out there for the best price possible. To make this possible we use the latest techniques to make video’s, animations and collaborate with influencers and media partners.

Our 4 steps to success:

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Ready to shift? Let’s connect!

Ready to shift? Let’s connect!